Foundations of Probability Seminar

Many disciplines use probability theory, including mathematical statistics, philosophy, and physics. The goal of this seminar, which began in 2016, is to help people in these disciplines learn from each other.  The seminars have been organized primarily by faculty members and doctoral students at Rutgers University.  Current organizers are Harry Crane (Rutgers Statistics), Ruobin Gong (Rutgers Statistics), Barry Loewer (Rutgers Philosophy), Glenn Shafer (Rutgers Business School), and Snow Zhang (New York University Philosophy).

Everyone is welcome to attend upcoming seminars and to view videos of past seminars. (Video links go to Foundations of Probability Panel Discussions YouTube channel.)

Fall 2022 Schedule

Mondays 4:30-6:30pm, location varies week to week. Check announcements for details.

Nov. 28, 2022, 4:30pm to 6pmPeter Grünwald (CWI/Amsterdam) – Beyond Neyman-Pearson Zoom only
Oct. 31, 2022, 5:00pm to 6:30pmMarshall Abrams (University of Alabama at Birmingham) – Bootstrapping Objective Probabilities for Evolutionary BiologyRutgers Philosophy Department Seminar Room (524B) on the 5th floor of the Gateway Transit Building, 106 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ; Zoom
Oct. 3, 2022, 5pmGordon Belot (University of Michigan) – That Does Not Compute: David Lewis on Credence and ChanceNYU (hybrid); Zoom
Sept. 19, 2022, 4:45pm to 6pmHartry Field (NYU) – Bayesianism via Likelihood Theoryhybrid; Zoom