Spring 2022

January 24, 2022: Should decision theory guide the formulation of the principal principle?
Jenann Ismael, philosophy, Columbia
Itzhak Gilboa, economics, Tel Aviv & HEC Paris
Stephen Senn, statistics, consultant
Sherrilyn Roush, philosophy, UCLA
January 31, 2022: Are probability distributions for potential responses real and necessary for causal inference?
Philip Dawid, statistics, Cambridge emeritus
Ilya Shpitser, computer science, Johns Hopkins
Thomas Richardson, statistics, Washington
Sylvia Wenmackers, philosophy, KU Leuven
February 7, 2022: Are the repeated sampling principle and Cournot’s principle frequentist?
Marshall Abrams, philosophy, Alabama Birmingham
Ruobin Gong, statistics, Rutgers
Alistair Wilson, philosophy, Birmingham UK
Harry Crane, statistics, Rutgers
February 14, 2022: Cournot’s principle and the best-system interpretation of probability
Isaac Wilhelm, philosophy, National University of Singapore
Ryan Martin, statistics, NC State
Alan Hájek, philosophy, Australian National University
Snow Xueyin Zhang, philosophy, NYU
February 28, 2022: Objective probability at different levels of knowledge
Alex Meehan, philosophy, Yale
Monique Jeanblanc, mathematics, Evry
Barry Loewer, philosophy, Rutgers
Tahir Choulli, mathematics, Alberta
March 7, 2022: Game-theoretic probability in physics
Glenn Shafer, business and statistics, Rutgers
Dustin Lazarovici, philosophy, Lausanne
Leah Henderson, philosophy, Groningen
Eddy Keming Chen, philosophy, UC San Diego
March 21, 2022: Interpreting Carnap:  Seven Decades Later
Sandy Zabell, Northwestern
April 4, 2022: Extended probabilities and their application to statistical inference
Michele Caprio, Duke
April 11, 2022: Two Birds with One Coin: Convex Optimization and Confidence Sequences with Coin-Betting
Francesco Orabona, Boston University